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Water Features

That peaceful water in transit sound can be anything from a large waterfall to the simplicity of a river stream. Imagine that mesmerizing sound as you relax and enjoy the beauty of a Waterfall or the joyfulness of Water Jets as you enter your home. We are experts at enhancing your Californian outdoor living oasis.

View some of our award winning Water Feature Designs to see how they complement your gorgeous Santa Clarita or Simi Valley home or see the overall effect of what a Water Feature can do when part of a swimming pool and spa.

  • Luscious Waterfalls
  • Fun and Exhilarating Water Slides
  • Fabulous shooting Water Jets
  • Fantastic Spillways
  • Magnificent Rivers and Streams
  • Fun and Playful Bubblers


After a brilliant Californian sunset, you can light up your magnificent pool or delightful spa with a dazzling display of light and color.

We develop and install lighting for your pool and spa that ranges from peaceful and serene to an entertaining fireworks show. What fun for the whole family!!

  • White Pool Lighting
  • Color changing Pool lights
  • Waterfall lighting
  • Laminar Jet Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting