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Remodels, Alternate Pool Finishes & Deck Additions

Okay, you just bought your Agoura Hills, Malibu or Santa Clarita dream home but the outdoor living area definitely needs a facelift.

Look no further, you have now found the renowned experts who can supply the advice and design you need to accomplish the task of transforming your pool and outdoor living area to the paradise you want it to be.

Although most pools will have a white or grey bottom, SCV Pools offers upgrades to many other colors and materials so that you can generate more ambience and charm for your outdoor wonderland. And at the same time have a surface finish that will last longer than a simple plaster finish.

In addition to a white or grey bottom finish, we offer Quartzscape Pool Finishes that range in color from Super Blue to Aruba Sky Blue, Barbados Blue, Midnight Blue and many more luscious and captivating colors.

We are the renowned specialists for providing enthralling and riveting All Tile Pool Designs. Our All Tile Pool Designs are matchless from simple One Tile covering the entire Pool to Tile Mosaic Designs creating delightful and captivating pictures from Sea Creatures to Orchids and Roses to Guitars and many more Mosaic pictures to choose from.

Adding Color to your pool, either through a Quartzscape or Tile Pool Surface, can enrich your pool and spa by capturing many of natures reflections such as Cloud Formations, Sunsets, Palm Trees and more.

If you are looking for a simple remodel or are inspired to a whole new manifestation of your current pool and backyard area, we can give you the ideas, designs, and construction to manifest your dreams.

  • Remodels
  • Spa Additions
  • Fire pit and Fireplace Additions
  • Water Feature Enhancements
  • Lighting Add-Ons
  • Decking Additions & Renovations
  • All Tile and Mosaic Tile Designs